Social Learning Opportunities

Social Learning Opportunities (SLOs) represent unique activities and programs that are:

  • Generated by ideas received from families and community service providers;
  • Needed in the community because they are not offered anywhere else or are not accessible for various reasons, such as lengthy wait-lists or lack of adequate funding;
  • Able to make accommodations so individuals with ASD and their families can be included and accepted;
  • Designed for children and youth with ASD 18 years of age and younger, their families and caregivers;
  • A response to gaps in service and programs which are not already offered in the community;
  • Offered in French, English, or bilingual.

Some examples of Social Learning Opportunities we offer are:

  • Social skills groups (PEERS, Children’s Friendship Training) 
  • Recreational activities (sporting events, trips to the zoo or aquarium, art programs, etc.)
  • Health and fitness activities (Learn to skate programs, swimming, cooking classes, etc.)
  • Specialized programs (Summer to school transition programs, sibling support groups, etc.

Who can submit SLO ideas?  

Anyone!  Individuals, families, businesses and community service providers can submit ideas for Social Learning Opportunities. 

If you have an idea for a Social Learning Opportunity, or would like more information about upcoming SLOs, connect with your local Community Events Coordinator and submit a Social Learning Opportunity Idea form. 

How does the SLO approval process work?

All completed Social Learning Opportunity Idea forms submitted are reviewed by a Regional Social Learning Opportunity Review Committee on a quarterly basis (submission deadlines for each quarter can be found on the SLO idea form). Once reviewed by the Regional Social Learning Opportunity Review Committee, the strongest ideas will be forwarded to our provincial supervisory team for final review and approval. The Community Events Coordinator from your region will then connect with all applicants to inform them of the outcome of their proposals.

Why are some SLO proposals declined?

Each quarter throughout the province we have over 300 SLO proposals submitted. While we aim to approve as many ideas as possible, some proposals do get declined. Here are the most common reasons this may happen: 

  • An excess of proposals in your area. Unfortunately, the number of proposals submitted sometimes exceeds the number of events our staff or volunteers have capacity to support.
  • Multiple proposals for similar events. Sometimes multiple people submit similar event ideas for the same area. 
  • Other local organizations and community partners may already be running a similar event. Our goal is to support other organizations and build community capacity. Our priority is to respond to gaps in services and programs which are not already being offered in the community. 
  • No volunteers identified/available to assist. Most Social Learning Opportunities require a volunteer to welcome families and assist with attendance and event support. Without this help, it’s not always possible to run a SLO.  
  • Budgetary restrictions. Sometimes we don’t have the funds to offer every great idea suggested.  
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