Research We Support

Autism Ontario engages with research in a number of different ways. The research efforts we support, and the research we conduct as an organization, all work towards achieving the vision of Autism Ontario – acceptance and opportunities for all individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

With the support of stakeholders, Autism Ontario seeks to support individuals on the Autism Spectrum and their families through continued exploration, development and evaluation. We are committed to using research and data collection to ensure our continued growth and to shape the future of our work. Whether this be through collaborations with external partners, or via the use of our province-wide survey data to shape our yearly priorities.

Autism Ontario is also a strong proponent of consistent monitoring and evaluation. We strive to conduct evaluations of the programs and services we offer to ensure we provide helpful, informed services to the ASD community. This includes a continuous fulsome evaluation of the primary goal of our Family Supports – reducing stress on families. We also participate in regular analysis of caregiver feedback regarding our events, workshops, social learning opportunities and webinar series. We continuously assess the efficacy of our social skills programs, PEERS and CFT, via the Knowledge Project, an external group of evaluators led by Dr. James Bebko.