Annual Survey 2017

In 2017, Autism Ontario launched our new Provincially Speaking Survey, an annual opportunity for us to hear from families across the province about the issues that matter to the autism community. Each spring, we survey caregivers and autistic adults from across the province to gain a better understanding of what people are experiencing and what their needs are.

Please note:
We have summarized results from our surveys by showing either what the average was or the most popular response was. We want you to know, however, that the idea of “who responded” can sometimes make an important difference how these final results should be interpreted. Just as important is whose answers may have been excluded—despite our best efforts to include everyone! This is why we have also included the summary of the characteristics of survey respondents. This summary is intended to provide a transparent picture by letting you see how the survey represents some groups better than others. Importantly, the numbers should not be interpreted as representing all Ontarians.